March 22, 2018


1)“Really, Guys?” – [Peter] 

*VOCABULARY: Alphabetize terms and look up definition before reading story.
*interruptions n. *ensuing v.*distractions n.
*exceptional adj.*endeavors v.
*engaged v. *disagreement n. *character n.
*pastime n. *discussion n.*ruffle v.
*extinguish v.*comfortable adj.*enough adj.
*approach v.*destroy v.*intervene v.
*abilities n. *complements v.*solved v.

Peter was very busy studying for his upcoming test while sitting in the public library. He had decided to take his studies to a quiet place since his mom was getting the house ready for the holidays. There were all kinds of interruptions and distractions going on and he could not give studying his full attention. He only needed a score of sixty percent since his grades were already exceptional, but, Peter has always tried to do the very best in whatever he endeavors. So, he was hoping for a score of one hundred.
Peter had just opened his Math book and pulled out a note pad to take a short quiz when he could hear mumbling voices towards the back of the library. At first, he paid them no attention, but as the voices began to grow louder and Peter could tell that there was an argument ensuing, he began to listen more closely to what was being said. It seems that the two voices engaged in the conversation were in a disagreement about which comic character was the fastest and strongest. Peter knew just what book the two were discussing, since his favorite pastime is reading comic books. So, he listened for a while, that is, until the discussion became more heated and he could hear the pages of the comic book begin to ruffle and tear a bit.
Peter wasn’t sure who these voices belonged to, but he thought he would try to help them extinguish the fire of words they’ve created. Peter decided to get a little closer and found himself at the back of the library using his powerful vision to peek through the shelving. He watched just a bit longer and realized that he knew the two guys from school and the recreation league. He had a class with one of them whose name is Lance. And, he knew the other from the Little League football team. His name is Aaron. So, he felt comfortable enough to approach them. And, since they were about to destroy one of his favorite comic books, he felt he must intervene.
When Lance and Aaron realized that they had an audience, which was Peter, they ceased pulling the pages and lowered their voices to a whisper. As Peter, slowly, walked towards them, he began to whisper, as well, “Really, guys? Are you going to fight over two of the best characters in the world of comics when they both have great strength and speed, just different abilities”? Lance and Aaron were relieved as they listened to Peter talk about the two characters and how each character complements the other. They decided the comic story would not be as interesting if both characters were the exact same. Peter went on to say that people are different in appearance, thoughts and abilities, but as friends, they complement each other. And, the two friends felt silly to have been arguing about something they both love so dearly. So, with this problem solved, Peter asked the two boys to fist bump as a way of showing they’ve ended their disagreement and he headed back to his table to finish his Math quiz. - PROBLEM SOLVED!
Question 1: Do you think Peter should’ve become involved in the friend’s disagreement?
Question 2: Is it ok to destroy library property? What should happen if this occurs?
Question 3: What voice should we always use while inside a library? Why?

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