The Encouragers with a Capital E Intro

March 15, 2018

We Stick Together!

Hey guys, let us introduce ourselves. I think it's cool that we have so many new friends to hang out with each week! That’s right, each week! Check us out right here, weekly. We are the Encouragers with a Capital E-for eye glasses. You see, we are a superhero team.  We come to the rescue of others when being bullied or just when they simply need a friend. We were once teased and bullied because we wear eye glasses, but now our eye glasses are a powerful tool that we use in our crusade against bullying. Just wait and see…who we can see…what we can see… when we see it… where and how we see it! You’ll be amazed!  And, maybe you can help us stop bullying in its tracks!   #Stopbullyinginitstracks


I’m Elise, the Lead Encourager, I make friends wherever I go. I always treat others with kindness and respect. I give compliments and encouragement to others and sometimes, I simply smile. A smile goes a long way, you know.


Hi there! I’m Lola, the Loyal One. I am a friend until the end. When you think, BFF, that is me, multiplied by 10. If there is a secret, my lips are sealed. That is, unless it causes injury or death or is unlawful… So, you can basically depend on me to stick with you all the way. That’s what friends are for, right?


“Yo, yo, yo!” I’m Peter. They call me the Problem Solver because I usually solve problems between friends. I am good at being fair and I carefully think things through. They don’t call me the Problem Solver for nothing. I can figure out anything when it comes to saving a friendship.


Hi, I’m Guang. I’m the Generous One. I share, share, share with everyone. I never turn my back on a friend in need. If I have it, then you have it, as well. Generosity goes great with Kindness, so I hang around with Elise, a lot. She’s my BSF. Best Superhero Friend.


Hey Every body! I’m Lalit. My name is pronounced: Lah-leet. I am the Listener in the group. I am the go-to hero when you need someone to listen as you vent. Sometimes venting is the best way to calm down when you are angry. Angry people often say things that they never meant to say. Venting can also be used for sadness or disappointment. So, a good listener is a good friend. 


Now, that you have met us all… come visit us regularly at for lots of fun activities. We will look for you right here and ask your friends to come join us in the crazy adventures of the Encouragers with a Capital E. So, check back often for our word games and vocabulary building activities. And, remember... We Stick Together!



Van Marsh Jones, Author - Encourage Friends ©2018




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