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Stop Bullying in its Tracks
Anti-Bullying Education fused with high energy and positive re-enforcement. Connecting with  young audiences through art, education and entertainment; teaching a message of friendship building and the importance of treating others with kindness and respect. 
FRIENDSHIP BUILDING- (message to kids)
Be yourself, Have confidence in yourself, Be kind to others, Compliment others, Strive for excellence, Have compassion, Be honest and loyal, Be fair and treat others with equality, Include others by inviting them to join, Find common traits, Be accepting of differences, Be a friend. You are a S T A R. -
Smart, Talented, Achieving, Respectful
BULLYING- (message to kids)
Do not bully, Bullying is hurtful, Do not envy others, Do not make fun of others, Do not physically or verbally attack others, Do not start rumors or gossip about others, Do not exclude others, Do not stand by and watch those being bullied, Speak up and stand up for bully victims, How to deter this bad behavior-(bullying), How to make your school and community a bully free zone. "School is for learning and having fun and it should be safe for everyone!"- Stop bullying in its tracks!

Vanessa is an ESL Instructor and a member of the Friends of the Library Association. She is a self-published author, an advocate against bullying and the creator of the “Stop Bullying in its Tracks” campaign. Her passion for this cause inspired her to start the Encourage Friends Kidz Project, which teaches self-confidence and sheds light on the dangers of bullying via education, entertainment, and the arts. As a published author, Vanessa’s love for creative writing and her vivid daydreaming, in her youth years, sparked her interest to become a writer of children’s books and a playwright. It is her life’s mission to conquer bullying, as well as give a voice to those victimized by bullying and her stories will inspire children of all backgrounds.         #stopbullyinginitstracks


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